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Technical Assistance Coaching Package

Here's What You Will Get!

With the consistent support of your assigned Technical Assistance Coach and following our proven “train-the-trainer” format, your Lead Teacher or Lead Administrator will have the capacity to deliver robust in-house professional development to make planning and implementation of your Get Focused Stay Focused program effective.

Flyer with Details

  • Identify a Lead Teacher or Lead Administrator to collaborate with the Technical Assistance Coach.
  • Complete together the online program assessment survey.
  • Finalize the Professional Development Annual Plan.

  • A one- or two-day retreat for your school’s leadership team to plan your four-year program using the 10-Step Plan for Implementing a Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Program.
  • Workshop outcome: The team creates a customized plan for their school using provided print and online workbooks.

  • Whole-School Buy-In Presentation: A 60- to 90-minute school-wide orientation meeting to ensure everyone on campus understands the vision for the program and is onboard.
  • Career Choices and Changes Implementation Workshop: For freshman course instructors, counselors, and administrators overseeing the program. Options: in-person, remote, or self-directed study
  • Counselors As Leaders Workshop: Introducing a six-step plan for the counseling team to promote distributive guidance for all stakeholders.
  • “Where Do I Start?” Remote Workshops: Presented by the Academic Innovations curriculum and technical support team for® via Zoom.

  • Done-in-a-Day Workshop: All campus personnel attend a 45-minute workshop during their prep period to learn how to access students’ online 10-Year Plans to review data for academic coaching.

    Over the course of a single day, teachers attend a 45-minute workshop during their prep period. During each session, the Lead Teacher helps their colleagues learn about the 10-Year Plan and how to access each student's 10-Year Plan Summary Page.

    With this format, every instructor will be proficient in navigating this valuable easy-to-use tool by the end of the day. And, with the data from students’ 10-Year Plan at their fingertips, teachers can personalize their work with each student and provide any necessary academic coaching to encourage better outcomes.

  • GFSF Follow-Up Module Professional Development: Professional development for instructors implementing the Follow-Up Modules in academic classes.
  • Counselor-Led Workshops: Counseling team facilitates practice with role playing how to use® for academic coaching and advising.

  • Evaluation Meeting with Stakeholders: Gathering feedback on the program via Zoom meetings.
  • Evaluation Report: Measuring metrics such as attendance, dropout and suspension rates, advancement to the next grade, GPAs.
  • Recommendations for Next Year: Presented to the principal and the leadership team.

  • Monthly Check-Ins: Regularly scheduled remote meetings with instructors and counselors.
  • Personalized Interventions: In the event of challenges, providing timely support.

What Sets Our Technical Assistance Coaching Model Apart

Comprehensive Support

Our model goes beyond traditional methods, offering continuous guidance essential for sustained success.

Cost-Effective Solutions

This budget-friendly approach delivers quality professional development without compromising on impact.

Proven Results

Proven resources ensure all instructors, counselors, and administrators are equipped to guarantee every student is prepared for a successful career and college journey.

A Quick Launch

Take charge of capacity building and enjoy a swift implementation timeline tailored to your school's needs.

Grow Your Own Leaders

Equipped with user-friendly, plug-and-play online resources, your staff leads the professional development, which fosters internal leadership growth.

Double the Value in Results and Satisfaction

For a fraction of what traditional technical assistance contracts cost, your dedicated Technical Assistance Coach works remotely with the Lead Teacher or Lead Administrator to facilitate a comprehensive professional development plan designed to deliver results.

A Great Value

For as little as $4,995-a fraction of the costs associated with traditional technical assistance contracts—you’ll have a proven, world-class professional development plan that includes the services of your dedicated Technical Assistance Coach as well as a plethora of time-tested resources to make delivery easy and efficient.

Optional Add-Ons:

Learn more about this progressive PD model by calling us at (800) 967-8016.

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