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Career Choices Series

Knowing that you are often asked to wear many different hats—and believing that you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel—we’ll share a variety of systems and tools that will make the task of delivering a course with the Career Choices series curriculum not only easier but also fun.

You’ll discover:

  • A proven model that ensures your students have a meaningful online 10-year career and education plan that is skills-based.

  • Innovative teaching strategies that create engaged learners.

  • Digital management tools to streamline your efforts—from planning to delivery to assessment.
  • Strategies to deliver this course in a variety of formats—traditional classroom, hybrid, or independent study.

You’ll have hands-on time to explore:

  • Career Choices and Changes ONLINE

  • The Online Class Agendas for easy and engaging lesson planning

  • The online Teachers’ Lounge (secondary)

  • The online Instructor’s Resource Center (post-secondary)

You’ll leave this workshop with:

  • The tools and templates to easily develop a motivational course or program

  • Lesson plans and pacing guides

  • Copies of the course materials, including:
    • a copy of the Career Choices and Changes workbook (388 pages)
    • the Instructor’s and Administrator’s Guide for the Career Choices Series and®

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