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“I would like for teachers, administrators, and stakeholders to understand the rigor that is involved in this course. This is not a ‘fluff’ course. This is a powerful course that causes students to think critically about themselves both now and in the future.”
Beverly Strickland, Director of High School Programs Duval County Public Schools Jacksonville, FL

Why Attend a Career Choices Series Workshop?
“The Career Choices workshop is a masterfully designed vehicle that will help our students not only arrive at but trek beyond their goals and expectations.”
Jeffery Tonini, Mathematics Teacher Glen Burnie High School Glen Burnie, MD
“It is very difficult to leave school for workshops. This one was well worth the effort--usable, practical ideas.”
Frank Stello, Counselor King George HIgh School Sewell, NJ
“This was great! It’s exciting to see a way to present English in an applicable fashion.”
Lynn Tuscan, English Teacher Adams Central High School Fort Wayne, IN
"Everything that I learned was beneficial. We are in the business of saving kids, therefore equipping educators with tools like Career Choices is vital."
Kenneth Lott, Teacher W.S. Hornsby K-8 Atlanta, GA
"Great workshop on reality. It helps academic teachers see how they can provide career guidance in the classroom."
Lynn McGee, Tech Prep Director Amarillo, TX
“This was by far one of the best workshops I've ever attended. The information given is completely realistic and very interesting.”
Andra Pasquarella, English Teacher Washington Township High School Sewell, NJ

What Do Educators Have to Say About the Attending One of Our Workshops?
"The resources are very powerful for school wide reform…easy to implement."
Cheryl Hunt, Principal Hanford High School Hanford, CA
"I realized that the Freshman Transition course is extremely beneficial for schools with smaller learning communities. Students can focus on specific courses in their 10th-12th grade years."
Katherine Luu, Assistant principal Franklin High School Stockton, CA
“This workshop has caused me to re-evaluate how and what I teach within my classroom. How am I prepping my students to survive in the future?”
Marilyn Miller, English/Social Studies Teacher Oak Avenue School Temple City, CA

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