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This archive of webinars covers a wide variety of topics related to the implementation of the Career Choices curriculum and online enhancements, including and®. Hosted by Academic Innovations, topics are presented by our curriculum support staff, Career Choices Certified Trainers, Career Choices Mentor Teachers, and other special guests. 

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Start-up Strategies for Implementing a Freshman Transition Course that Works

Funding Strategies: Accessing California State and Federal Funds for Implementation of Get Focused Stay Focused presented by Donna Wyatt

Meeting California's College/Career Indicator (CCI) presented by Mike Vogenthaler

Training Webinars to Get Started

Start-up Strategies for Implementing a Freshman Transition Course that Works

Getting Started with and The Teachers' Lounge

Making the Most of Your Instructor's Guide

Making the Most of the Budget Exercise

Applying Lessons Learned for 2nd Semester Success

Assessment and Grading Tips for Your Career Choices Course

Career Choices and the Common Core   .PPT

Mentor Teacher Webinars

TIPS Tuesday: Ideas for Your Skills Inventory (April 2020)

Chapter 6 & the Career Interest Survey with Mentor Teacher Kari Rosson

TIPS Tuesday: Ideas for Chapter 5: Your Ideal Career (Oct. 2019)

TIPS Tuesday: Ideas for Chapter 3: Lifestyles of the Satisfied and Happy (Sept. 2019)

Why this Tool is Valuable:

TIPS Tuesday: How to get your class started for the year (Aug. 2019)

Lesson Planning 12 Binders with Mentor Teacher Brenda Carr    .PPT

Getting ready for the Final Project with Mentor Teacher Kari Rosson

Using Personal Narratives to Promote Mastery for Chapter 9 Overcoming Personal Obstacles with Brian Slotnick-Lastrico    .PDF

Class Planning and Grading with Mentor Teacher Nicole Stewart

Supplemental Activity for Section 1: The Tagxedo Project with Mentor Teacher Nicole Stewart   .DOCX

Overview of Section 1: Who am I With Mentor Teacher Amy Gil   .PDF

Researching Careers Online with Kari Rosson

Using for Parent/Teacher Conferences with Nicole Stewart

Inclusion in the Career Choices Curriculum: Accommodations and Modifications with Nicole Stewart

Professional Learning Communities with Maria Hennessy

Get Focused Stay Focused Implementation with Rachelle Fast

Power Ups! Using Tech and Apps to Bring your Career Choices Curriculum to the Next Level with Brian Slotnick-Lastrico

Special Education Inclusion in the Career Choices Curriculum -- Guest Presenter Nicole Stewart   .PPT

Teaching the Budget Activity with Kari Rosson

Getting Started for Semester programs with Jenn Ramos

POWTOONS! Dynamic Presentations for Chapter 3/Maslow's Hierarchy with Brian Slotnick-Lastrico   .PDF

Managing Multiple Classes of Success 101 with Brenda Carr

Success 101 - Grading Ideas with David Farris

Grading Tips for Success 101 with Brenda Carr® Training Webinars

Getting Started with the New Release of®

Getting Started with

Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow up Module Webinars

Overview of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow up Modules Part 1 of 6

Get Focused...Stay Focused! - Part 1
Every Student College & Career Ready: Matriculating from Secondary to
Post-Secondary with a Get Focused...Stay Focused! Initiative

Get Focused...Stay Focused! - Part 2
The Key to Post-Secondary Success: An Introduction to the Follow-up Curriculum
Modules for Grades 10, 11, & 12


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