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Secondary education is in a dramatic transition. Reform, redesign and restructuring has become a national mandate. Most educators recognize change must take place but few have a clear idea of how. When you bring a Career Choices certified trainer to your site, they'll customize your professional development to meet your particular school or district's initiatives while energizing your team to take on the new direction.

Wendy Bingham

Wendy Bingham

Wendy Bingham has played an integral role in all aspects of the educational company since 2001 as the vice president in charge of professional development.  She has traveled to 47 of the 50 states working with educators and students to help improve upon their Get Focused, Stay Focused Programs.

Wendy’s knowledge of what is possible with this program extends far past the regular classroom setting, she helped implement this program in an alternative education through the Junior League of Los Angeles with a project called ’The Women’s Empowerment Program’ where women transitioning from incarceration and homelessness attended a series of trainings and came up with their own 10-year Plan which helped them excel in the workforce.

Wendy brings a deeply ingrained entrepreneurial spirit to Academic Innovations, one that served her well throughout her studies at the University of Southern California, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. As part of the Entrepreneur Program at USC, Wendy was recognized for developing one of the "Top 10 Business Plans" in 1996 for her proposed technology summer camp for educators which at the time online learning was just beginning.  Wendy also worked for McGraw- Hill, coordinating sales events, promotions and developing their division's database.

Wendy resides in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband and two young children and is also a coach and volunteer in her community.  But she would like nothing else than to help anyone and everyone find what makes them happy, which is her ultimate goal in life and what is the foundation of the Career Choices series.

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